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I am great at writing my own stories and getting ghostwriting projects out for clients, but terrible at blogging and keeping in touch: And, like most fantasy writers, I’m not comfortable with promotion. I’m Scottish, and we were brought up to be modest about our talents and skills.

If J.R.R. Tolkien had been Scottish, this is how he would have spoken about “Lord of the Rings”.

READER: “I loved your trilogy, Lord of the Rings!”

SCOTTISH TOLKIEN: [Dismissively] “Och, it’s nothing. Just a wee scribble.”

Compare that with the modern-day book-promotion author norm, which unabashedly (and rightly) celebrates accomplishments, only too happy to talk till the cows come home about their babies.

But… it’s got to be done. So here is it is, and I hope you will excuse the rather stiff announcement.


Under the Splintered Mountains by Marya MillerUnder the Splintered Mountains will be ready for release before Christmas—the first full-length novel in my Dragonish series, featuring the adventures of fan favorites, feisty Granny Maberly and her big-hearted monster friend, Ushguk.

Ushguk is the son of a captive Tarn princess and Burzu, brutal chief of the man-eating Moraggim who haunt the Splintered Mountains, a low, menacing range that chops the Island of Dragonish in half.  Luckily for Granny Maberly, Ushguk has inherited all of his mother’s Tarn nature and only some of his father’s exterior. When Granny uses herself as a decoy to save her small, family Wagonwalker tribe from Moraggim who sweep down on them in the mist, Ushguk comes to her rescue in the nick of time. What happens next sets them both off on the adventure of a lifetime as each seeks to reclaim their place with kinsfolk who abandoned them.


A Song in the Dark by Marya MillerLined up for March is the sequel, A Song in the Dark: The first book in a tale that, right now, is unofficially called “the Morwen Trilogy”.

Books Two and Three in the trilogy are done, first-draft; and a sequel to the trilogy is well underway.

In A Song in the Dark, Ushguk takes on an orphaned Tarn child whom Granny knows was destined for death at the hands of Tarn Queen, Thaönis and her evil wizard, Isembard. When disaster strikes and young Morwen is separated from Ushguk and Granny, she must learn to survive and make her own way in the world, adrift without guidance.

And, being young, she makes what Granny would call “a right muck of it”.


If you would like to meet my books and characters, pick up my short story anthology, Tales of Mist and Magic, available in both print and Kindle format at Amazon.com.

Or just read the first Granny Maberly story for free on my Dragonish page (and download an original Dragonish story not available anywhere else).

Thank you very much. [Sidles awkwardly away.]


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