Tales of Mist and Magic is Finally Live at Amazon

Tales of Mist and Magic by Marya MillerThey say there are no more dragons—but Granny Maberly knows better. At ninety-four turns old, Granny’s seen more than her share of strange beings in her travels as matriarch to a headstrong Wagonwalker clan. And she’s lived long enough to know that not all monsters have horns (or tusks).

Immortal Tarn who fall woefully short of legend; cannibal Moraggim haunting the Splintered Mountains; Sulg war bands; forbidden forests; healers who hide their gifts and even a Tower that eats souls — the Island of Dragonish harbours them all.

Courtesy of Aon-Celtic.com

You’ll find twelve short tales about Granny Maberly and other inhabitants of the Isle of Dragonish in my new flash fiction anthology, Tales of Mist and Magic, currently at Amazon.com.