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Tales of Mist and Magic by Marya MillerThey say there are no more dragons — but Granny Maberly knows better. At ninety-four turns old, Granny’s seen more than her share of strange beings in her travels as matriarch to a headstrong Wagonwalker clan. And she’s lived long enough to know that not all monsters have horns (or tusks).

Immortal Tarn who fall woefully short of legend; cannibal Moraggim haunting the Splintered Mountains; Sulg war bands; forbidden forests; magisters who won’t listen; healers who hide their gifts and even a Tower that eats souls — the Island of Dragonish harbours them all.

Tales of Mist and Magic (Flash Fiction anthology – 12 stories)
Title ID: 6601096
ISBN-13: 978-1539080909


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