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The Hunt: A Wakewalkers Comic

Even if I didn’t already own Whisper of the End and Tales from the End by Maximian Held, I would buy The Hunt: A Wakewalkers Comic just for artist Diego Novanim Zúñiga’s atmospheric cover art alone. The fact that the cover makes a world I have come to care about magically come to life  (although it’s a frightening place) just… Read more →

Rover the Cat: An Adventure in Second Chances

. Rover the Cat: An Adventure in Second Chances by Max Oberon My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Rover the Cat: An Adventure in Second Chances” is all about a healthy male dog named Rover who unexpectedly dies, and is reincarnated as a female kitten: One who doesn’t stand a chance from the word ‘go’. Rover a.k.a “Guppy” goes through… Read more →

Chasing the Grimm Reaper Exceeded Expectations

Chasing the Grimm Reaper pits the reader against the unknown killer of the Fairy Godmother. Yes, the Fairy Godmother. But don’t worry: You have the aid of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the weird and wonderful world known as Sagaland, where fairy tale denizens accept the existence of Real Worlders about as much as smarter children and adults accept the… Read more →

Book Review: “Firetok” by Gordon A. Wilson

Last Monday I read “Firetok”, a suspense novel by Gordon A. Wilson; a story flooded and  permeated with pure horror. The opening scene warns you that the book is going to be dark. When violence comes into play, I will normally shut a book and move on, since I suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome: However, I couldn’t put this book down. I’m… Read more →