About Marya

Marya Miller, GhostwriterI live in Northwestern Ontario on the shores of Lake Superior, Canada’s largest lake and the second largest lake in the world. I was born and raised in Scotland, and what I miss most are the mountains, so I am lucky we have the Norwester mountains flanking Lake Superior. I love living in the north.

I’ve had a long career in and out of publishing: Magazine editor, newspaper general manager, professional storyteller, copywriter, freelance editor and writer.

Nowadays, when not dealing with chronic illness, you can usually find me playing my Celtic harp or writing The Dragonish Series. Read a Dragonish sample short story from my 2016 fantasy anthology, “Tales of Mist and Magic: How Granny Maberly Stopped a War and Other Flash Stories” (available at Amazon.com).

You will soon be able to catch the newest Granny Maberly story in Katharina Gerlach’s wonderful annual Advent Calendar.